Nintendo Trademarks WiiRelax

Nintendo have been quite hush-hush since their announcement of the Wii vitality sensor earlier this year. However, some recent news may reveal some application of the mysterious device.

Siliconera have discovered that Nintendo have registered the rights to a program called “WiiRelax” in the PAL region. Siliconera have speculated that, due to the vitality sensor’s nature of monitoring the pulse, this program may well be the first that will apply the peripheral.

Italian developers, Pub Company, also announced a product titled “WiiRelax” in April this year. Since the announcement Pub Company offered no further updates and the products website has now vanished.

Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo America president, has said that further details concerning the Wii vitality sensor will be revealed in the 2010 E3 event.

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