promotes the DSi promotes the DSi

“Let’s check out the official website for that lovely PSPgo, oooh, a DSi.”

It seems like Britain has done it again, many people are curious about the PSPgo, so they will most probably see if Sony have made a website for it, anyone who has done this will already know that won’t want to make you buy one, however, it will try its best to ensure you order a DSi before you navigate away from the page.

The website was registered by a fan of the DSi (obviously a big fan if he/she has gone to this trouble) and the website advertises everything the DSi has to offer. There are even links that will re-direct you to Nintendo’s official site. The site’s design is surprisingly professional looking, and alot of work has been put into this website, the website even has its own newsletter.dsi1_sc

While many people are saying  “Oh no, Sony won’t like this at all” and then laugh, Sony probably won’t have a problem, as they will just make the website something along the lines of and from there you select where you are from, and will re-direct you to This being said, the website was very convincing for me, I started having thoughts about how much better the DSi seems, so Sony might lose quite a few consumers in Britain because of this, or not.

Visit the website for yourself, and tell me what you think by posting a comment below.

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