New Entropia Universe World Slated for Open Beta

Today it was announced that Next Island, a new free-to-play virtual world/MMORPG game.  The game was developed using the Entropia Universe platform and it is now accepting sign-ups for its open beta, which should begin mid-January.

Next Island is owned by Jon “Neverdie” Jacobs, an iconic character on Planet Caplypso and known for making a large profit in the game and created by David Post. David described the Next Island as:

Next Island is designed to attract the rapidly growing virtual world community looking for the next world to explore and the opportunity to turn virtual enterprise into real-world cash, as well as new users to the virtual world gaming experience.

“We are truly excited to welcome experienced virtual world entrepreneurs as well as those who have never created an online avatar before to visit Next Island,” said David Post, founder, Next Island. “Our online paradise will captivate players with its unique time travel gameplay, real money economy and superior graphics.”

Time travel is a key differentiator in the Next Island experience and will provide users the opportunity to take a fantastic journey in an extremely immersive three-dimensional environment, discover goods and import them into the current epoch of time thus increasing their value to the community. Every few months a new era in history will be developed, offering endless possibilities for exploration.

David Simmonds, the Business Development Director of MindArk had the following to say about the new addition to Entropia Universe:

“We are very pleased that after many years of development the Entropia Universe Platform will now see its new independent planets start to arrive into the Universe”

Unfortunately, you cannot join the beta for Next Island if you already have an Entropia Universe account, because your account is associated with Planet Calypso. Players will be able to travel to Next Island by space travel eventually. You can find the official site for Next Island here and Planet Calypso here.

Entropia Universe is the first virtual world network to operate a real cash economy. Developed by MindArk, Entropia Universe was granted official status by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) to operate a bank, which will serve as the central bank for all the planets within Entropia Universe. Its currency, the PED, can be exchanged and taken out for real money as all currency exchanges are at the fixed rate of 10 PED for every 1 USD.

Playing Entropia Universe for free is highly challenging, as the only way a free player can make money to start off is to gather animal sweat, find fruit, and collect oil. Fruit is highly difficult to find. Also, it is nearly impossible for a newbie to get oil, as it’s in a PvP zone (which means that highly skilled players will kill you off to take the oil.) This leaves gathering sweat from monsters left. It’s a highly boring job and the success rate for it is around 25%. To make it worse, if a sweat succeeds you only get around 25 sweat. Players buy sweat for around 5 PED for 1000, and it takes a while (hours) to get that amount, so it’s not very profitable. If  players put some of their money into the game though, and they become good at a skill, eventually it will profit back towards them.

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