New Red Dead Redemption Trailer Coming December 1

Rockstar recently revealed some new content for Red Dead Redemption, the sequel to 2004’s Western third-person shooter Red Dead Revolver.  In addition to a slew of brand-new high-def images, which can be found on the game’s official site, Rockstar has promised an all-new trailer titled “My Name is John Marston.”  Those looking forward to the game will be interested to know that said trailer will launch next week on Tuesday, December 1.
Another bit of information Rockstar was kind enough to share with us is the game’s release date.  Red Dead Redemption is currently slated for an April 2010 launch on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.  While no rating has been appointed to the game, it should be fairly obvious that the game will be rated M for Mature much like its predecessor (and practically every other game developed by Rockstar).
Rockstar is clearly putting shooter loyalists and Red Dead Revolver fans on notice.  Why else would they inform fans one week in advance about a new trailer?  Join us right here on GamerSyndrome next week as we discuss the new trailer once it has launched.  We’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts on “My Name is John Marston.”

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