New Prince of Persia Announced

With a Prince of Persia film making its way to theaters in the summer of 2010, many thought it was inevitable that Ubisoft would produce a new game in the series.  Well, it’s official: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands will be the next game in the popular Prince of Persia series.

The Sands of Time trilogy was highly lauded by critics and fans.  Gamers enjoyed the unique acrobatic gameplay mechanics as well as the puzzles found in all three games.  In 2008, Ubisoft Montreal released Prince of Persia, an all-new adventure that fans of the series were somewhat disappointed with.  The main complaint regarded the title’s cookie-cutter design and high level of simplicity, which many thought catered to the casual crowd.

Those still upset about that game will be pleased to know that The Forgotten Sands will not continue where the last game left off.  No, the upcoming Prince of Persia will be part of the beloved Sands of Time trilogy.  (I guess you can call it the Sands of Time series now.)

According to Ubisoft, The Forgotten Sands will feature “many of the fan-favorite elements” that loyalists know and love as well as some new gameplay elements.  While exact platforms and release dates are still blurry, Ubisoft has mentioned that the game will be available in May 2010 on home consoles as well as handhelds.  Be sure to check out the game’s premier trailer on Spike’s VGAs on December 12.

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