New Player Takes World of Warcraft Crown

New Player Takes World of Warcraft Crown

It looks like a new player called ‘Little Gray’ has taken the crown to become the top player on World of Warcraft, which incidentally, also lets him claim the title of Top Nerd.  I’m kidding, put out the torches, I have nothing against the game.  Honestly, I’m not sure whether to admire this guy for claiming the number one spot in a game that has millions of players or if I should be worried that he had the time to accomplish such an incredible feat.

Do you want to pry the crown from Little Gray?  All you have to do is get all of the achievements in the game and receive all of the possible 986 points listed in the Armory.  This… dedicated individual has completed 5,906 quests averaging almost 15 quests a day.

So yeah, what are your thoughts?  Is this guy your new hero or are you as worried as I am for his well being?

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