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Platform– iPhone
Developer– Kevin Calderone
Price– $1.99

The world has been overrun by civilization. With the expansion of mankind, the amount of preserved ecosystems is dwindling. It’s up to the gomies to make the world beautiful again!

Gomi is a unique game that gives a new meaning to 2d platforming. Explore the unique and challenging stages, and save the planet from being covered in parking lots!

– 8 unique worlds, with 140+ stages!
– 8 minigames!
– 12 hours of gameplay!
– Intense boss battles!
– 8 unique abilities!
– Hundreds of achievements!
– Online leaderboards for everything!
– Hundreds of playable Gomies!
– Over one hour of original music!

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  1. What is this “Gomi”? It almost looks like an updated version of the Teletubbies. Well, towards the beginning anyway. However, as the video continued, it does look like an interesting thing to get. I know I am going to wait until I hear what other people say when they GEt it first. Muahaha

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