New Modern Warfare 2 glitches

After fixing the previous Javelin and infinite Supply drop glitch, new glitches have emerged in Modern Warfare 2.

While no online game is immune to glitches, Infinity Ward has done a very good job at patching MW2 so far, and I expect this trend to continue. Other online games have had glitches that have done anything from boosted low ranking players to near impossible ranks in as short of time as possible to glitches that gave players infinite health. Game glitches occur when game code is mistranslated or misread by the software or hardware designed to read the information.

The glitches happening in Modern Warfare 2 are new glitches. There is an infinite explosives glitch that can happen to anyone. It occurs in Ranked Matches, and has become a consistent problem in within the last couple of hours. The infinite explosives glitch only becomes evident when using explosives and the players equipment isn’t reduced. Also happening although more rare is infinite ammo for the ballistic weapons. All kills made with these glitches are counted towards your XP and stats. The second glitch is the aforementioned glitch with matchmaking.

I have personally e-mailed Robert Bowling for any information on what Infinity Ward is doing to fix these issues, and I will update this post if any information is given.

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  1. Experienced this the other night…it was mad crazy…everyone was noob tubing…had to leave the match because my screen was constantly shaking from the explosions…wasn’t all that fun 🙁

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