New Lost Planet 2 Akrid Throws Fireballs. Seriously.

Yep.  You read that correctly.  A newly unveiled Akrid, that’s evil space bug for those not familiar with Lost Planet 2, is called Akrid X and it throws fireballs, train cars, and assorted pedestrians at you.  As if the fact that this thing wields flaming death isn’t enough to make it sound badass, the Akrid X also looks the part.  It’s big, ugly, and can’t be compared to anything living on this planet with the possible exception of a freaky, mutated Praying Mantis thing and I can’t wait to take it down.

If you missed the original Lost Planet let’s take a step back and get caught up.  This game takes place ten years after the first on the same planet E.D.N.  III, where the snow has melted to reveal dense tropical jungles.  You came to the once-snowy planet to make it hospitable for human life and in the meantime managed to seriously piss off the evil space bugs (Akrid) that live there, so now you fight them with a large arsenal of weapons including totally awesome mechs and T-Energy plays a vital role in this war.  What Lost Planet 2 brings to the table is a larger variety of environments, more weapons, bigger boss battles, character customization, and coop.


Lost Planet 2 releases for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 23rd.

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