Rockstar Hints New GTA Game: “Goodbye, Liberty City”

With “The Ballad Of Gay Tony” announced as the “final episode in Liberty City”, many fans have been quizzing themselves about a new GTA game. Well, it looks like one person may of found the answer.

EFLC has today discovered a hint regarding a new GTA game; This “hint”, as you can tell by its size”, is screaming to be passed around the Internet.

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Take a look at the picture, notice the word “Seagull” under the torn up part, what could it mean?

Also, look at the part that has been torn up, you can see into the “fake” next page, it’s green with trees and grass, a bit like one of the sections from San Andreas. Could this mean that Rockstar will be placing players in familiar territory? Or maybe a new approach to the game.

Have your say, tell us what you think these hints implicate.

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  1. I’d love to see a return to San Andreas, but it might be a little too soon. I figured we’d follow a similar route as the earlier games – so either we’d be back in Vice City, or maybe we’d finally get the GTA: London remake. “Playing everywhere in March” sounds about the right timing for a press conference…

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