New Alan Wake Image (Just One)

Fans of the upcoming psychological thriller Alan Wake will be pleased to know that Remedy has posted an all-new screenshot of the game.  What?  You mean you wanted more than just a single screenshot?  While I would more than gladly provide you, the loyal Alan Wake followers, with a bevy of in-game thumbs, I’m somewhat limited here.  I mean, a single screenshot is all Remedy provided!

News of the screenshot came courtesy of developer Remedy’s Twitter page.  The still was provided as a “little special treat” from the folks over at Remedy.  The image is pretty much what you would expect from an Alan Wake screenshot: dark atmosphere, Alan Wake, flashlight, gun.  But it’s new, and that’s kind of cool, isn’t it?

Anyway, the new and lonely screenshot can be seen above as this article’s thumbnail image.  For those of you who want to take a closer look at the shot, check it out below.  And because I realize that a single image may not quench your Alan Wake thirst, here’s the link to a 5-minute interview with Sam Lake, the lead writer behind Remedy’s upcoming thriller, which was posted by Remedy on Facebook.

One screenshot is better than none, right?

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