Need For Speed – 100 million copies sold

Electronic Arts inc. have proudly announced that their superhit racing game has sold over 100 million copies to date, making it the world’s most successful racing game. EA are proud to own yet another of one of the most popular video games in the world.

To celebrate this, EA have unveiled some curios facts about the NfS series:

The Need for Speed series …
– contains 15 games on 14 platforms
– has been translated into 22 languages and is sold in 60 countries
– has 279 billion miles driven by players
– spawned trillions of cars customized by the players
– measures a length of 173609 football fields if the boxes of all the games are placed in line.

Also interesting: The first Need for Speed …
– fit completely into 1 MByte RAM
– has cars that are build of 70 polygons at max
– had a development team of which 26 people are still working for EA

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  1. Really? I didnt think that game was that good or popular. I played a demo game when at the EB Games store and thought it was just ok… maybe im just not that into car racing games then? I do admit the graphics looked better then in previous versions as well as car handling and rendering…

  2. If you like fast cars and racing, I think it’s easier to handle and accept whether it’s all that good or not. I haven’t played it as yet, but it’s one that I hope to play sometime soon.

  3. Who knows… I know that Need For Speed was a big hit when it came out and it probably was one of the better racing games of its time.. but its kind of fizzled out as far as I know. Playstation Magazine gave gave the one of the latest release “Need for Speed: Undercover” a 7/10 .. I ranked it a 5-6/10 of course I played it for 15 minutes only 😉

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