NCSoft’s Aion – 970k copies sold

NCSoft’s Aion – 970k copies sold

NCSoft demonstrated their financial report for Q3 2009 that show, that their newly released MMORPG, Aion has sold over 500 000 copies in North America and 470 000 in Europe. The overall sales of NCSoft have increased with the stunning 112%. The financial report shows that in July, August and September the company has earned 40 Million dollars which is 836% percent higher from the same period in 2008. 52% of this increase are courtesy of Aion, 16% go thanks to Lineage 2, 4% for City of Heroes and 3% for Guild Wars.

NCSoft’s most sales come from Korea – 48%. After that come North America, Japan, Europe and last and least Taiwan.

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