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After some thought and consideration I have decided to share this undiscovered gem of a game with everyone here at GamerSyndrome. I have been selfishly hoarding this game to myself, but now is the time to allow you loyal gamers in on a game I have been playing for years.

Navy Field is a “massively multiplayer online tactics simulation game” based on World War II naval warfare. You play the role of the captain of one of these ships and you must fight on a team against enemies to gain experience and credits. Each ship is modeled and named after ships that fought in World War II, and are surprisingly accurate in gun size, armor, and other logistics for a game.


The game is divided into four nations and seven general ship classes, with each nation having entirely different ships and advantages/disadvantages. The four nations are the Royal Navy (RN), the US Navy (USN), the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) and the Germans or “Kriegsmarine” (KM). The Royal Navy have boosted damage and armor, but less speed, the Japanese have terrible armor, but great Anti Air, ect ect. This setup allows for a fun game experience that always stays fresh, as each ship can differ so much in range, damage, speed, armor, AA, and many other factors.


The ship types are classed into:

Frigate (FF): The frigate is historically a small recon or escort vessel used in WWII for various necessary, but rather inglorious tasks. The FF is small and fast, but can only mount smaller guns due to the extremely small profile and displacement. Every player starts in one of these.

Destroyer (DD): The destroyer was used in WWII as an escort vessel and anti-submarine ship. Primarily used in WWII in convoys across the Atlantic Ocean and eventually the allied response to German U-Boats. In game the Destroyer is generally small and lightly armed, but can depend on the level and country of the ship, this is generally the first ship you see torpedo launchers on.

Light Cruiser (CL): The light cruiser is historically medium sized warship with usually no larger than 6.1 inch guns. This made the CL a dangerous adversary for smaller vessels, but still far below the displacement of the Battleship class. In game the CL is used for a variety of things, usually protection against smaller ships for the larger ship classes and also for Anti-Air capabilities.

Heavy Cruiser (CA): The Heavy Cruiser is essentially a medium to large sized warship which is slightly smaller than a battleship in displacement and armament. The Heavy Cruiser usually carries a standard 8inch shell for weaponary, but has been occasionally fitted with larger guns in various historical cases. In Navy Field the CA is one of the first ships with real armament you get as a player, you destroy anything smaller with general ease and anything larger can destroy you with ease due to the large ship size of the CA, which makes it easy to hit.

BattleShip (BB): The Battleship is the standard warship used in World War II, every nation had battleship class ships, and they ranged in sizes and armament. In Navy Field the Battleship is the pinnacle of gameplay, smaller ships fear you, and other battleships want to kill you before you kill them. With guns that are almost twice the range of a Heavy Cruiser in some cases, the BB is a fearsome opponent.

Aircraft Carrier (CV): The Aircraft Carrier was first used primarily in World War II and essentially revolutionized Naval Warfare. The CV made Battleships essentially useless in most cases, and highly changed the capabilities of a mobile naval unit. In Navy Field the Aircraft Carrier is the alternative to the BB, it plays very different than anything leading up to it, as you have no guns. You instead launch planes and then bomb other players and shoot down other planes from enemy aircraft carriers.

Submarine (SS): The Submarine was just recently added to Navy Field in the past year and has now become a standard sight in most major battles. The submarine is slow and ponderous, but cannot be seen by ships unless they have a special crew member designed to spot them, which most players don’t. SS players can shoot torpedoes which inflict massive damage to any ship class, and are thus generally hated and feared by most players.


Aside from the ship itself, each vessel has a number of crew slots which must be filled for optimum ship performance, each sailor can be classed to a number of different roles from “Armament Sailor” to “Dive Bomber Pilot”. Each sailor has experience, skill level and also has a set number of crew which can be upgraded. This means the exact same ship fighting against each other can be an entirely one sided fight as one players ship can reload faster, move faster, and regenerate health faster due to crew.


Battles in Navy Field consist of up to 64 players, max 7 Battleships on each side, and a number of smaller vessels and aircraft carriers. This makes for an intense and unique battle experience which forces you to work with your teammates, as each ship has advantages and disadvantages that can be exploited and used. There are also a number of other elements I will not mention, like armor types, gun types, ship tiers, sailor classes, simply because I want to write a review post, not an online book.

Navy Field is free to play, but you can pay for certain advantages over non-paying players such as Premium ships, elite crew, boosted experience gain, and a number of other things. These advantages are well balanced though, so a non paying player can easily defeat a paying player if they are more skilled, this is a huge bonus for a game of this type, which are generally skewed so the paying players destroy the non payers with ease as a way to “force you to pay”.

As I said before, I have only mentioned a fraction of the elements in this game, due to the fact that there are so many, and much to learn. This said, the game does have a rather high learning curve at first, but once mastered will give you many days of fun, free gameplay. There is also a great community of players, and most tend to be more mature than the standard MMO gamer, which means the game is general devoid of “OMG HAX” and “NOOB LOL GAY”. I hope this short intro to Navy Field has inspired you to give it a try. Now excuse me while I pwn some battleships!

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  1. I wasn’t this one is bad, just saying there’s a ton of awesome free PC games. So it wasn’t explained, but are the battles real time? Like you battle, get rewards/money, then upgrade your ship and repeat? It’s reminding me of Battlestations.

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