Naughty Bear Announced for 360, PS3

Like violence wrapped in a cute and cuddly exterior?  If you do, then 505 Games has you covered.  Along with Artificial Mind and Movement (the folks behind Wet), 505 Games plans on releasing Naughty Bear for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 home consoles.

This has 'pre-order bonus' written all over it.
This has 'pre-order bonus' written all over it.

Starring a disgruntled teddy bear who wants nothing more than to unleash carnage on his fellow stuffed animals after not being invited to a party, Naughty Bear will feature 30 stages where the goal is to massacre stuffed bear after stuffed bear.  Players will be rewarded with Naughty Points based on their overall performance, with more points being accrued depending on what tactics players employ.  It is up to our dark and dreary stuffed animal to put the hurt on his stuffed victims, but players can earn more points by instilling fear into the hearts of others before they actually inflict any physical damage.

Nothing has been mentioned regarding a release date, and a lot of the gameplay is still a mystery.  Naughty Bear will be a violent game, though, and those looking to wash the foul taste left in their mouths from the disappointing Fairytale Fights can now look forward to another cutesy gorefest.  Stay tuned for more details.

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  1. LOL… I liked idea of having the bear as a pre-order bonus… But to be honest I hope this is as good as Razes Hell… That was a hell of a cutesy gorefest if I’ve ever seen one!

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