Must.Eat.Birds Review


Platform– iPhone

Developer– Mediatonic

Release date– June 17, 2009

Price– $0.99

Average rating– 4/5


Must.Eat.Birds for the iPhone is a statement of gaming originality. Being called the best picnic defense simulator available, it offers simple gameplay, gorgeous graphics, easy to use controls, and an overall style about it that you can’t help but love. The concept may be ridiculous, but in an odd way, it makes for gaming gold.


Your goal in Must.Eat.Birds is to launch your character, the picnic’s defense, into birds that attempt to float down and eat your cake. You do this by slingshotting him from between two forks impaled in frosted pastries. If you launch two that come in contact with each other, they will merge and become a larger projectile. Scoring is based on the number of birds you hit all together and a multiplier. The multiplier works by multiplying your score by the number of birds you hit in one shot.


The game has many levels in both mission and challenge modes. Also included is an awards section, displaying your accomplishments in the form of sweet treats. Another interesting thing about this game is that it feels very foreign, from the Asian intro voice, to the subtitles below the original Japanese buttons. For me, this only added to the appeal however.


All in all, Must.Eat.Birds is a game that you will either love or hate. It has easy to pick up and play levels, and original graphics that I love. The picnic defense simulation keeps things interesting, and the sound effects as well as the music are pleasant enough. Those looking for something different, without sacrificing quality, should check out this title; it’s guaranteed to keep you eating birds for hours.

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  1. haha looks like a ridiculose game and a bad japanese translation 🙂 it doesnt seem like a multi hour game but im sure it can keep you amused for a while.

  2. Actually, the game does sound interesting, though I’m not sure the name of the game is very appealing. It made me cringe more than anything else. Other than that, though, the game sounds like something I might enjoy, so I’ll have to check it out.

  3. Heh, it looks pretty cute. Japan always comes up with some surreal things, like this and Katamari Damacy, but one things for sure, everyone loves them.

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