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Hmm where to begin? There are so many things that need to be said in so few words that it will be very difficult to present it. Well here I go!

I’m sure a lot of you has heard of the famous Darkfall. It promised to deliver hardcore MMO gaming with a full-loot system (when you die you are lootable) no levels or classes and huge real time battles that’s combat is based on the skill of the player. Think Oblivion combat only you can attack of mounts too (which can be stolen and can die). Too add to the different game play  you can also build guild castles that can be raided. This all was promised and deliverd however due to a great failure at launch and minimum to no promotion of the game, it was not seen as a very good game. However it turned out to be a very different, hardcore, buggy game that is getting better by each passing day.

What does this have to do with Mortal online? Everything and nothing. Mortal online is similar and different in a lot of ways. First of all it based on the Unreal 3 engine giving it a spectacular look and it also has the Oblivionish combat (as far as it was shown). However the main difference is that it is not focused on huge battles of 100v100 but more on small adventuring groups. Of course this does not exclude the option of raiding towns and building them. It will include a lot of trading since the economy is not based on a global market but on caravans that buy and sell goods. Of course if you interfere with the caravans the town will not receive the goods making the prices jump in town. Simple law of supply and demand yet not a common feature in MMO’s. If you ever wanted your own house in a game well now you can have it and lose it if a group of players decide to pillage it.

There is also a feature of blood mixing where you can mix 2 races that will give you a mix of attributes you get at he beginning of the game.  In fact there are so much features that it would take me too long to list them all. They will even implement that wind will effect how arrows fly! I mean okay with trying to give a realistic game but this was really not expected. Not only that but they also use the Mirror’s edge FPS style. You can see your legs, hands and it all seems so real. Butt (my immature side: he he butt)! But I am not happy with one lack of a feature and that is no 3rd person view just first person. I like to see my character in his/her glory wearing crappy clothes because he/she was looted a couple of minutes ago.

In any case I would like to keep it short and say that if all goes right this game is going to be the most believable  MMO in the history of  gaming.  No classes? No levels? Be whoever you want, whenever you want? A thief (stealth not included)? Warrior? Mage? Powerful trader?

You can have it all! In one character. Of course  not everything at the same time. That wouldn’t be fair if you could max everything out. So there is a certain amount of points you can use and rearrange them as you like. They will be rearranged depends which skills you use the most so it is actually how you like but just not as easy to do. Look at me getting all hyped about the game. I suggest you visit Mortal’s homepage and take a look at the long list of features.

You can also take a quick glimpse at the game (in game footage):


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  1. The video wasn’t all in game footage. Notice the way the character’s leg moves when the dragon breathes on the warriors.

    Aside from that, the “skill tree”, if they’re saying it’s as good as it is, then this game has some potential.

  2. Actually I believe that it was scripted for the ragdolls to move that way. Anyway it says at the beginning that it’s in-game footage and it’s the official teaser from Starvault. Highly doubt it that they would lie. They don’t even hype the game that much.

  3. Yeah I have heard the game is supposed to be a pretty good MMO, the gameplay video certainly do look good, its to be seen how well a game like this will perform when its loaded though.

  4. MMOs that are based more on your own individual allocation of skills are a lot better than “Okay. Meat shield, cure whore, or backstabber.”, especially if you play on a RP server and you want to play the game by your rules.

    I lost the game again. >_<

    Lacking a third-person view kinda sucks though, then it does make it easier to sneak up on people. Eyes on the back of your head in a FPS game is a nice edge let me tell you.

  5. this looks cool, i always like to see new MMOs that try to challenge the dominance of WoW, they always fail… but hey, its nice to see. I still wish age of conan was everything it was hyped up to be 🙁

  6. I was hyped about AoC a lot since I am a great Conan fan. You just got to love those trash classics. Fun fact: Did you know Arnie’s first line in Conan was 20 min in the movie. I think I’m gona call some people, get a lot of beer and watch both conan’s again.

  7. I was hyped about AoC a lot since I am a great Conan fan. You just got to love those trash classics. Fun fact: Did you know Arnie’s first line in Conan was 20 min in the movie. I think I’m gona call some people, get a lot of beer and watch both Conans again.

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