More Resident Evil 5 Costumes Revealed

More Resident Evil 5 Costumes Revealed

There’s some DLC for Resident Evil 5 on the way, and with it are some new costumes for the game’s protagonists Chris and Sheva.  The first two costumes to be unveiled were admittedly very bizarre and a little ridiculous, but these seem to be a little less outlandish.  Just a little.  Check out Sheva’s classy new threads in the video below:

[gametrailers 60086]

Not bad, and I certainly like this costume more than her strange fairytale prostitute costume revealed not too long ago.  Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about Chris’ second new costume:

[gametrailers 60084]

I don’t know how Capcom is coming up with some of these costumes, my best guess is that they lock a couple game designers in a small room with a handful of special brownies and let ’em go at it.

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