Modern Warfare 2: Uncut Multiplayer Footage

“Oh, these? They’re just throwing knives, nothing special..”

Infinity Wars have been rational¬†about the amount of information they hand out regarding Modern Warfare 2. This method has been working on (obviously) Infinity Ward’s side, seeing as every time they release a picture of the game, fans seem to get a bit more than just “hyped” about it, even when Infinity Ward snapped a bad quality photo of the Co-op Lobby on Modern Warfare 2, people were discussing it all over the Internet.

Well, now it seems that Infinity Ward have decided to share with us, and their “hyped” fans, some more Multiplayer footage, this time showing off their new mode, Flag Runner, but what most people care about are the little boxes at the bottom of the screen every time a player kills another. It’s been “rumoured” (most probably true), that the little boxes are “clan tags”, getting rid of the dreaded 4 letter clans, once and for all. It’s also been “rumoured” that you can customize your clan tags picture.


The gameplay, in my opinion, is outstanding. There has been an obvious polish in graphics, I personally can’t wait for this game to hit shelves, and either can those crazy “hyped” fans, I’m assuming.

Keep watching ’till the very end, it shows one improvement, and one shocker.

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