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The long awaited sequel to the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, has finally shipped and everyone around the world is getting in on the action. With a new co-op mode and many other additions, the latest installment to the Call of Duty series is set to not disappoint. In Modern Warfare 2’s Spec-ops mode, you and a buddy go through scenarios that blend both epic gameplay and teamwork together to make one amazing experience that could make some memorable events in your relationship. Spec-ops is divided up into 6 different sets of missions that range to really easy to even play on Veteran difficulty to the most difficult that is truly hard to play even on Recruit.


Tip 1: Homeland Security’s Most Wanted

The one mission that I’ve been getting kicked in the nuts about the most is the mission “Homeland Security”. Homeland Security is a wave based mission that spans for 5 waves (each wave getting harder obviously). In these waves will have a Predator Drone (starts spawning at Wave 2), Helicopters (starts spawning at Wave 3), APC (starts spawning at Wave 4), and the Infantry. When you start up, there’s a turret, stack of Claymores, a sniper, a bolt action rifle with a thermal scope, a RPG, and an AK47 with a grenade launcher on it right in front of you. Now for the next 30 seconds, I want you to get a piece of paper and a pen and like on Food Network, write down what I’m about to tell you. I’m Rachael Ray you’re the Housewife who needs help. Hope that you have a buddy because this mission definitely demands it. One guy gets the RPG and have it replace your pistol and the other guy to get the turret and you can choose what you think will help you quickly, you don’t have that much time. DON’T YOU DARE PICK UP THE CLAYMORES OR THE SNIPER, YOU NEED TO SHOOT CONSTANTLY AND YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO STOP TO RELOAD AFTER EVERY SHOT AND FIND ANOTHER TARGET OR PLANT ANOTHER CLAYMORE! Hopefully you caught that.


Tip #2: Run Fatboy, Run!

Once you picked up the turret and the RPG, run as fast as you can to the Burger Town Restaurant (the white building that is right across the street from you) and have the guy who has the turret head up to the roof and plant the turret on the left upper corner of the roof pointing towards Nate’s Burger Joint (the red building that is next door to you and is not destroyed). Once that is planted, head back down to the kitchen and help your partner by killing off the remaining infantry. While there is still 3 guys alive during the first wave, one guy goes to the Taco Shack (the building that is located next to the gas station) as fast as you can and head inside. There is a turret located inside so pick it up and head out the front door and run back to Burger Town. Take out the rest of the infantry and then during intermission, set up the turret on the roof at the upper right corner pointing towards Nate’s. Head back downstairs and stay there and don’t go outside. What the instructors believe is that the Predator Drone, the helicopter, and the APCs will only go after you and not your turrets except for the infantry, so if you go outside of the Burger Town then there’s a good chance that your turrets won’t survive. If the guy that has the RPG runs out of ammo, then there’s another RPG located in the kitchen of Burger Town. Now stay inside the Burger Town and mow down the remaining waves and you will see the stars faster than you can say “BLACKHAWK DOWN!”

Because you are too cool you have the right to claim this as your own idea, like those Windows 7 commercials. So get your big boy pants on and murder some terrorist with plastic spoons.

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