Modern Warfare 2 Rank 10-20 guide

So you’ve survived to level 4 and you’ve now unlocked the ability to make your custom classes (finally!) and you’ve got a whole new playground to mess around with. If you don’t already have ideas on kits to make and need some pointers here are a few. You’ve probably already unlocked some new guns and perks and tinkered with them, but you don’t have much to go on. I had a hell of a time trying to figure out what would work on the lower ranks till I lucked into a few customized classes that worked for me.  But first a few pointers on the custom classes in general then some in-depth tips.

1. Make the kits work for your play styles. This seems like a no brainer but too many people end up making kits they think will be good for play types or even specific levels, but not good for them. If you don’t make a good kit for yourself, your not going to get better. By making sure your using weapons that your comfortable with at this point in the game that are unlocked you will ensure better matches and rounds that you can do some damage to the enemies your facing. Recently I actually started using the Riot Shield more and I have to say that it’s one of the best new additions to the game in terms of tactics and stratagy. The only thing you need to remember is to equip a good secondary gun. I am currently using the RS with the SPAS shotgun with the perks Marathon/Lightweight/Steady Aim. Using those three enable me to be quick and effcient with the shotgun with out using the ADS on the shotgun which can cause you to be too slow.

2. Pick a gun to level up and get all the attachments for before switching to a new weapon. I’ve made the mistake of trying to unlock the first, second, third and ect. attachments to guns for all the guns in each type and now I’m lost on what guns I prefer over others. I’ve decided to just get all the parts and attachments for the guns starting with the first ones in each list, then move on. By working and getting all the attachments you will learn the gun better than doing it the way I have been.

3. Make sure you understand what the Perks you have unlocked do before you have them equipped. I had Commando on all my kits for the extra range for the melee attacks with out realizing it extends the melee of the Riot Shield for a few levels then I switched it out for Steady Aim and had to get closer to the enemy to make the melee kills because the extra range was gone.

4. Every Perk has a Pro version, thus making it possible to have up to 6 different perks at any time if you have the pro versions unlocked. Work at getting the pro versions of the perks you like or use consistently. You will end up with a neater version of said Perk that will help you even more. Ninja quiets your footsteps, but Ninja Pro unlocks louder footsteps for your enemies, enabling you to hear them even if they have Ninja equipped. Every Pro Perk has the original Perk well, perk, but includes Pro attributes. I enjoyed Stopping Power, but the extra vehicle damage in the Pro version is helpful in taking down the air support that can and will quickly trash you if not careful. There’s nothing scarier than hearing the Pave Low or Harrier incoming and having to run indoors because nobody on your team have no chances of taking them down.

5. Don’t unlock KillStreak rewards on levels that  you will never obtain. If your Killstreaks tend to be around 4 to 5 in a row, unlock those abilities first like Counter UAV(4) or Care Package(4) or Sentry Gun(5) instead of unlocking say Tactical Nuke at Killstreak 25. I will say that the Care Package is random on what you get. You could get an air support drop or a sentry gun, but you could end up with a useless Ammo drop if you have Scavenger equipped. Kill Streak Rewards are given out at Levels 10, 15, 23, 35, 47, 51, 56, 59, 63, 66, 68, 69.

6. If you use the custom classes, make sure you are using attachments that are good for you. If the red dot sights on guns aggravates you but the ACOG scopes work for you better and you have it unlocked use it instead. I like the Thermal Scopes the most, but most gamers have Cold Blooded as a perk to counter the Thermal scopes, and it’s pointless on  bright maps because everyone just blends into the back ground. Also, if playing on Hardcore mode after you unlock it at Rank 19, make damn sure your firing on an enemy and not a friendly while using any scope, especially the Thermal. Friendly fire isn’t friendly to your score or your team. Each team kill you do takes 100 points from your score and if your not careful it will get you kicked from the match.

7. If you take your time and check your corners you will survive a lot more than if you rush into fights. I always quote  Aliens when playing online constantly and no one listens to me… “Check your corners people!” You need to check your corners especially if your going to play on non-respawn playlists. You need to be aware of your environment before fully engaging someone. Just because someone might be at the end of a hallway like on Rundown, Skidrow, Karachi, or even on Afghan doesn’t mean it isn’t a trap from the enemy side to get people to take on the “lamb” so they can get another kill. You need to die for a reason. Don’t just die because you saw that SOB and wanted him dead. If you die, especially on Team Deathmatch, make sure it’s either because someone got the drop on you fair and square and not because you did something extremely stupid. If your going to sacrifice yourself for the good of the team, make sure it’s going to actually help and not hinder, if playing Headquarters, Sabotage, or even Capture the Flag. If your carrying the flag and you know your going to die, call out where you are to maximize the chances of someone on your team nabbing the enemy flag before they do.

8. USE YOUR HEADSET! You were given it for a reason and the play modes that are objective based you need to use it effectively.  I get wrapped up talking about general stuff and when I get whacked it is usually because I was paying more attention to the conversation than my surroundings. But since I’ve started playing MW2 I’ve been using the headset alot more because in the modes that I play in you need to communicate to people what is going on around you, especially when you die so someone else doesn’t get whacked because you neglected to call out the position of the sniper or group that waiting to ambush your team.

9. Don’t worry about your statistics at this point. Your going to improve the more you play, the more in game experience you physically have you will get better. Trying to win and be the top player are two different horses at this point. I’ve come across lower level players that don’t know an iron sight from a grenade launcher, but I’ve also seen players whom are very proficient with any gun at level 3 or 4. Skill is necessary to get your stats up, and you will need to either have natural born skill or develop skills to survive and become a better player. By focusing on your statistics and not just playing the game and learning the nuances that exist in the online game your limiting yourself.

10. Have fun playing online. If the game becomes too frustrating or difficult to make even a single kill, take a break. Playing for hours on end when you can is fun, but exhausting. You need to break at least every two hours. Most people do take a quick bathroom break, but staring at a TV or screen for hours on end will cause your eyes to become exhausted. It can and will happen, not to mention your mind needs a break from games to refocus it’s self. Also, don’t take defeats personally, it’s stress that will add up over time and frustrate you into either not wanting to play, not wanting to try your hardest.

List of unlocks from Rank 4 to 10:


Assault: FAMAS, M4A1 (not to be confused with the M16A1), SCAR-H (Rank 10)

Sub Machine Guns: MP5K, UMP45, Vector (Rank 10)

Light Machine Guns: L86 LSW, RPD, MG4 (Rank 16)

Sniper Rifles: Intervention, Barrett .50 cal

Riot Shield


Machine Pistols: PP2000

Shotguns: SPAS-12, AA-12 (Rank 18)

Handguns: USP .45

Launchers: AT4-HS, Thumper (Rank 14)

Equipment: Frag Grenade, Semtex, Thowing Knife (Rank 7), Tactical Insertion (Rank 11)


Perk Set 1: Marathon, Sleight of Hand, Scavenger (Rank 13)

Perk Set 2: Stopping Power, Lightweight, Hardline (Rank 9)

Perk Set 3: Commando, Steady Aim, Scrambler(Rank 17)

Deathstreak: Copycat, Painkiller (Rank 6)

Custom Classes you can create now after the guns are unlocked:

I honestly didn’t start creating my own classes until Rank 10 because that is when the Weapon Challenges become unlocked, so all the work that you’ve done up until then hasn’t counted for anything. So here are two alternative classes for each Primary Weapon that you have unlocked. The weapons I don’t mention are hated by me because I can’t use them effectively or they are just useless… But if your a god with something… Use it! These are just suggestions to get you started on kits on your own.

Assault Rifles:

Run N Gun:

Primary: FAMAS (because of the three round burst it’s simpler to land headshots than with a fully auto weapon)

Secondary: SPAS-12 (a close range weapon that you really don’t need to aim down the sights right now is a life saver, but if you have the AA-12 is much better for close range battles due to the faster fire rate)

Equipment: Frag (because you can cook it, you can possibly make more kills than just one or two with the Semtex)


1: Marathon (unlimited sprint!)

2. Lightweight (because you’ll move faster)

3. Steady Aim (no need to aim down the sights if within 5 to 10 feet with the SPAS-12 and FAMAS)

Heavy Assault:

Primary: FAMAS or M4A1 (if you really want a fully automatic weapon)

Secondary: USP .45 or PP2000 (one of the better choices is the pp2000 because of the high fire rate, even though it has lower damage than the USP .45)

Equipment: Semtex (You’ll find laying traps for enemies easier with this because of the three to four beeps before it detonates. The Semtex can be thrown on the opposite side of a building, room, alley, or even vehicle that you don’t want your opponent on)


1: Slight of Hand (one of the quicker Perks to go Pro with, the Pro Version is a great help with Aiming down the sights quicker)

2: Stopping Power (Increases the damage done, but NOT the bullet penetration, great for already powerful guns to be even more deadly)

3: Commando (the added range will come in handy when you have to go mano-a-mano, plus some gamers will unlock the Pro version quickly which enables No falling damage)

Sub Machine Guns:


Primary: UMP 45 (because it has a higher damage rating than the MP5K)

Secondary: PP2000 (This Secondary weapon is quick to pull out)

Equipment: Semtex


1: Sleight of Hand (same reason as above)

2: Stopping Power (Same reason as above)

3: Steady Aim (You will need to fire first and fill the air with lead quickly)


Primary: UMP 45 (I hate the MP5K because the higher fire rate and reduced damage. It might not look like much but it is important to have a higher damage rate with this kit)

Secondary: AT4-HS (For vehicle lock ons, but can be dumb fired too)

Equipment: Frag


1:Marathon (to quickly get into a great position where you can take down the aircraft that are being called in)

2: Lightweight (You’re gonna need this because the AT4-HS is heavy and will slow you down considerably if your holding it, even empty)

3: Commando (To protect yourself quicker when you need to kill some dumb SOB who’s trying to take you out while aiming the AT4-HS)


Heavy Metal:

Primary: RPD (The lower firing rate will ensure better chances of hitting targets, moving and unmoving)

Secondary: PP2000 (Your going to need a close range weapon for this kit, the LMG’s can get inaccurate at closer ranges even while aiming down the sights, not to mention it takes time to ADS with the LMG’s)

Equipment: Semtex (Ambushes and confusing enemies)


1: Sleight of Hand (The RPD takes along time to reload during fire fights, so this speeds it up considerably)

2: Stopping Power (More hitting power = quicker dead enemies)

3: Steady Aim (For those times you don’t have the ability to ADS)


Primary: RPD

Secondary: AT4-HS

Equipment: Frag or Semtex (Personal choices are acceptable for this kit)


1: Marathon (This is a heavier version of the Anti-Tank Class, so the ability to run with out stopping is important)

2: Stopping Power or Lightweight (What’s more important to you? Speed or primary fire power?)

3: Steady Aim (once again you’ve got to make quick shots with the RPD that might be without the benefits of ADS)

Sniper Rifle:


Primary: Barrett .50 cal

Secondary: PP2000

Equipment: Semtex


1: Sleight of Hand (the faster you can reload the sniper the quicker you are to not being killed if you miss)

2. Stopping Power (harder hitting bullets with the Barrett will ensure even a chest shot SHOULD mean a one hit kill)

3. Commando (People love to sneak up on snipers to knife them, if you notice then, knife them before they can get you)


Primary: Intervention (My personal favorite of the two default rifles, the lower fire rate ensures better aiming and faster resighting times while aiming down the scope)

Secondary: USP .45 (You can run a little farther with this gun equipped)

Equipment: Semtex


1: Marathon

2: Lightweight (These two perks are what you need to move from spot to spot after taking a shot. NEVER stay in one place when sniping because after enemies get taken down in the same area twice will either watch the Killcam or know where the shots are coming from)

3: Commando (for those close quarter combat situations that need to be over quickly)

Riot Shield:

Primary: Riot Shield (Remember these tips: The Riot will protect you on your back and in front of you no matter what, unless someone is using the FMJ. The Riot Shield will crack and blur your vision)

Secondary: AA-12 (If unlocked… If not wait to make this kit)

Equipment: Smoke Grenade (To create confusion)


1: Marathon (This is a great class to create to have around for objective based modes like CTF, Domination, Search and Destroy because it enables you to have protection from shots from behind when running the flag back to your base. Another reason this is a great kit is that the Riot Shield is a great way to get some serious XP in the beginning.)

2: Lightweight

3: Commando

So there you have it, several different classes you can create now, and tinker with to your play styles. What’s your favorite custom class?


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