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The Nintendo Wii is notorious for its long list of rehashed video games.  A portion of Nintendo’s lineup consists of ports of older games, some of which were done right (Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return), and some of which were done rather poorly (Far Cry: Vengeance, Samba de Amigo).  Third-party publishers aside, Nintendo has also ported games that they themselves created for last generation’s console, the GameCube.  With Nintendo’s New Play Control! initiative, titles such as Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and Mario Power Tennis have been revamped with all-new motion controls.

The latest in the list of Wii-vamped titles (See what I did there?) is none other than the Metroid Prime Trilogy.  The disc includes Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, originally released for the GameCube, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, which was released in 2007 for the Wii.  The two GameCube titles now sport motion controls identical to Metroid Prime 3.  Glitches have been removed, blurry textures have been updated, and Metroid Prime 2’s difficulty, which many considered harsh, has been toned down just a tad to the point where the game is still challenging but doesn’t make you want to headbutt your TV.  Another nice feature is the inclusion of widescreen support for the GameCube titles.  Rounding out this Collector’s Edition package is an art book, series overview, clear slip cover, and metal case.

While some people may disregard the disc as just another rerelease, it should be noted that this set is sure to please die-hard Metroid fans.  If you’ve played these games in the past, then you’ll find that there’s nothing new in the way of content.  However, the tweaks to the graphics, difficulty, and especially the controls all justify giving the games another go.  Individually, the three games received favorable reviews and are considered some of the best games on the GameCube and Wii.  In relation to this, the Collector’s Edition is already garnering positive reviews as well and is considered a must for fans.  The entire set is also being sold for $49.99, which isn’t a bad deal at all.  The functionally sound motion controls incorporated into the first two games make this set worth-buying for fans of the series, and if you’ve never played the games in the past, then this your opportunity.

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  1. A question that entered my head, and is now trying its best to get out is, why would someone that already has all Metroid Prime games want to buy them all again; and the only modifications a slight “tweak” of graphics and control…?

    You would have to be a REAL fan of the game…

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