Mass: We Pray Video – Creator Revealed

Some of you may have been wondering about who was behind the ”Mass: We Pray” Wii parody that turned up youtube a few days ago. Recently, it has been announced that the video was yet another marketing stunt from Electronic Arts to promote the upcoming release – Dante’s Inferno, tying in with the Heresy circle of hell.

EA are no strangers to quirky advertsing campaigns. Other stunts they have pulled to promote Dante’s Inferno include – Offering people who preorder the game a discount of $6.66 and sending various game critics $200 checks along with the following message;

“In Dante’s Inferno, Greed is a two-headed beast. Hoarding wealth feeds one beast, and squandering it satiates the other. By cashing this check you succumb to avarice by hoarding filthy lucre, but by not cashing it, you waste it, and thereby surrender to prodigality. Make your choice and suffer the consequence for your sin. And scoff not, for consequences are imminent.”

In the past, Ea have also been responsible for the Tiger Woods Jesus Shot response on youtube and an interesting miniature billboard and telescope setupĀ  to promote spore.


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