Mass Effect 2: Rated M for Mature and Sex

Mass Effect 2: Rated M for Mature and Sex

The ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) has just released their rating for Mass Effect 2 and we can all be sure that it received an M, for obvious reasons.  The big controversy that usually surrounds Mass Effect is the sex scene introduced in the first game.  You can rest assured that BioWare will be giving us a sequel, and the ESRB has a little something to say about it.

“Players can also choose to have ‘romantic encounters’ with the alien/human henchmen characters; this involves watching a guided cutscene in which two characters flirt, kiss, and/or embrace: clothed alien/human characters may prop a partner on top of a space console, clear away the clutter from a bed-slab, unzip a future-blouse, or just talk it out.”

“Though an alien/human may gyrate her hips while on top (fleeting—one-to-two seconds), actual sex is never depicted—the camera cuts away to space furniture and ceilings.”

Seems as if BioWare will continue their tradition of romantic relationships and sexual tension.  You can expect Mass Effect 2 to “gyrate” it’s way onto store shelves Jan. 26, 2009.

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