Mass Effect 2 Infiltrator Class Walkthrough

Recently we were given a taste of what the Sentinel class is all about, but the Infiltrator class focuses less on brute strength and defense and more on stealth and ranged combat.  I have to admit the new cloaking ability has me more than a little giddy to use, since I almost always take the silent and deadly approach when given the option in games.  One of the best parts of Mass Effect 2 is the way they’re expanding on the classes, making each of them more unique.  In the original choosing one class over another really only meant you had access to certain weapons and armors, and could interact with objects available to your class.  Now the skills available for each class provide a much deeper experience making choosing between them a tougher decision.  But enough talk, you probably want to see what this new class (one of six available in the game) is all about:

[gametrailers 60276]

Mass Effect 2 releases for the Xbox 360 and PC on January 26th, 2010.

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