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I’ve been wanting to post news regarding Maple Story for a little while now, and the most recent post has encouraged me to do so.  I have been playing Maple Story Global for a while now and have been an off-and-on player for about 3 years.  The game is a lot of fun considering it’s free.  If you are really into MMOs and you are looking for something that won’t cost you a whole lot but will give you some similar experiences then you should give this game a try.  Here is the site.  Here you can download the client and get all the information regarding Maple Story Global that you want.


Since it’s Christmas they have started some events that are related to Christmas.  This includes new quests, items, and clothing.  Maple Story is usually quite quirky, but they do a great job of catering to each and every season and holiday.  I am going to add this link for you to see what Holiday events are going on right now.


On top of that Maple Story has recently added an entire new class and brings the total to 11 classes.  This includes the Warrior, Mage, Thief, Bowman, Pirate, Cygnus Knight class (which includes each class mentioned previously with updated skills) and the brand new Aran class.  Here is the link to see what events are going on this December.  And here is a link to see what Aran class events are going on right now.

This is a busy month for Maple Story Global, so jump on and give it a try.  Keep in mind that Maple Story Global is for those living in North America.  I have characters on the Bellocan server for any of those who are interested.

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