Magic: The Gathering on PC and PS3 next year

Wizard of the Coast have officially confirmed that Duels of the Planeswalkers will be arriving on PC and PS3 next year. The game will also release extra content on the Xbox Live Arcade. The PC version of the game will hit sales next spring and the PS3 will arrive in the fall. The game was previously XBLA exclusive, released last June and sold 170,000 copies in five weeks.

The game has recently released downloadable content packs on XBLA that add three new decks, new co-op level and more. Those DLC’s are available to Xbox gamers for 400 Microsoft Points ($5). Wizards of the Coast have also planned two more expansions in Spring and Summer 2010.

The game follows standard Magic: The Gathering rules but has been made more appealing to new players. The PC and PS3 versions will include gameplay, similar to the  Xbox Live Arcade version but will include an extra bonus.

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