Mad Catz to manufacture specialized Modern Warfare 2 accessories

Last month Infinity Ward’s community manager Robert Bowling revealed through a Twitter post made during a design meeting that the company plans to develop a specialized gaming controller for the highly anticipated follow-up to their most popular title yet, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Today Mad Catz, the company that previously developed accessories for Capcom’s Street Fighter IV and the Harmonix Rock Band series, announced their new partnership with Activision and Infinity Ward.  The partnership licenses Mad Catz to develop and produce a range of specialized accessories for Modern Warfare 2 on all platforms scheduled to receive the game upon its release, which currently include the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Infinity Ward CEO Vince Zampella commented on the partnership, “Mad Catz’s innovation and fresh approach from day one has been great.  Their team has really poured their hearts into the new line of accessories for Modern Warfare 2 and we can’t wait for our fans to have a chance to play for themselves this November.”

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  1. The whole idea just seems like an attempt to milk more money out of the franchise, which is understandable, but the products themselves are unnecessary. Why would I want to buy a controller shaped differently than the standard console controller, especially when I’ve always used the console controller to play COD?

  2. yeah I know, with the street fighter ones I think its just a standard controller with a skin on it.. not even sure if the buttons are in a different place or not.. from the looks of it, it was a pretty cheap ass hack to make a quick buck.

  3. Activision are starting to push it a bit now. They are simply milking the franchise, which would be understandable because the gaming industry is suffering from the recession, but why would I want a different shaped controller?

    Typical of Activision.

    What next, a Call Of Duty cereal?

  4. Everything these days are for companies to make more money. For instance, if they gave you a coupon that stated “$15 off your next purchase of $75”. You acquire the urge to spend $75 to get that $15 off, when you usually only spend like $50. Anyway, back to the topic…Call of Duty cereal? lol random…

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