The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks – Rabbitland Rescue Rewards

LoZSpiritTracksRabbitGuideSo you met that creepy rabbit man over in Rabbitland Rescue, and you want to know what happens when you capture—I mean, um, rescue—all of those adorable rabbits frolicking around the land of Hyrule.  Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Players who take the time to ride around Hyrule looking for rabbits via train will find that their efforts do not go unrewarded.  No, bringing in rabbits to Rabbitland Rescue rewards players with riches, treasure, and other neat little bonuses.

It should be noted there are five types of rabbits, with 10 total of each type.  They are: Forest Rabbits, Snow Rabbits, Ocean Rabbits, Mountain Rabbits, and Desert Rabbits.  This brings the grand total to 50.

Per Rabbit: Rupees

This is the default reward for rescuing rabbits.  Capture some of the hoppity little critters, and you’ll get rupees.  It’s as simple as that.

10 of a Kind: Treasure

Capturing all 10 of a specific type will get Link some treasures, which can be sold or traded for ship parts.  So if you capture all 10 Forest Rabbits, for example, our friend over at Rabbitland Rescue will present Link with a treasure item.

5 Rabbits: Heart Container

It’s worth the effort to at least capture five rabbits, because that small number will score you a shiny new Heart Container to expand your life bar.

50 Rabbits: Sword Beam

Capturing all 50 of the wily rabbits will grant Link a Sword Scroll.  This Sword Scroll teaches Link the art of the old-school Sword Beam.  Remember the Sword Beam?  Just like in previous games, Link will only be able to shoot a beam from his sword if he’s at full health.  If you’re the nostalgic type, then it’s probably worth the trouble of finding all 50 rabbits.

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