New Heavy Rain Gameplay Shows Off Possible Scenarios

Out of all the major titles set to release next Spring, Heavy Rain is easily the most intriguing.  You play as one of several characters in a story surrounding a murderer called the Origami Killer.  If one character dies, you control another, and the story continues.  The gameplay looks to include a lot of beautifully rendered interactive cut scenes where you’re forced to make split-second decisions that could mean life or death.  The following gameplay videos show off possible ways to complete a single objective, check them out below:

[gametrailers 60019]

Even a big guy can be stealthy, but the quiet approach doesn’t always work, and when it fails there’s always negotiating.

[gametrailers 60017]

Or maybe you’re just not in the mood?  That clerk was kind of a dick earlier, maybe he doesn’t deserve your help.

[gametrailers 60013]

These are just three of a myriad of possible ways this scene can play out, you can see them all when Heavy Rain launches next year for the PS3.

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