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Just how far can the Lego movie video game tie-in empire go? With the success of The Dark Knight, Lego Batman is Traveller’s Tales latest and for fans of Batman or anything Lego, this game is just something fun to play. There’s no gripping narrative ala Frank Miller, but this game’s impressive rogues gallery is enough to wet most appetites to the most ardent of fans.

Hamming it up before a night in the Town
Hamming it up before a night in the Town

The plot is simple. Arkham Asylum’s inmates have escaped and they’ve broken up into factions to take over Gotham. The Joker, Penguin and Riddler are the ringleaders, and it is up to Batman and Robin have to save the night. During the game, there are items waiting in ready to help the dynamic duo along.

After finishing this game’s story mode, players can play as their favorite villain. This feature tremendously adds to the replay value and there are levels designed exclusively for each villain, making for a total of 30 levels to play. With more than 50 years worth of creative direction in the mythos that define the Bat, there is less of a formulaic element to this entry to the world of Lego.

Just like previous Lego movie-tie in games, the game play formula stays the same: to collect all the studs (coins) to buy power-ups and unlock bonus characters. The play is focused on running around in a platform style world, solving challenging puzzles and laughing at the tongue-in cheek humor in the cinematic cut-scenes. With combat reminiscent of Adam West’s 60’s Batman, this game is a tribute to long time fans of the Bat without having the pass the torch to a new director’s creative whim.

What hasn’t changed in Traveller’s Tales’ arsenal is the lack of improving the AI. Most of the time, as players switch between the two characters, the computer controlled one gets stuck. The player has to switch back and forth to move both characters along. Single player mode is repetitive with this difficulty, but when playing with a buddy the game moves faster.

The Dynamic Duo in Lego
The Dynamic Duo in Lego

For Lego Batman, players have some control of the game-screen. The camera can be nudged so the edges of the screen can be seen. This is helpful when there are peons to knock out with the Batarang, but full three dimensional camera control has yet to be introduced to any of the Lego games. Another fault is that these minions respawn faster than Batman can climb up walls.

With no real advance in game programming to make game play better, the idea of another movie entering the Lego universe is not all that exciting. Lego Indiana Jones is just as difficult to play with fixed camera perspectives. And with a Lego Harry Potter, Years 1-4 due out in 2010, the game needs a magical twist to allow wizards and witches to do more than blast things apart.

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  1. In my view, this is great. I love the tie-ins to the classic TV shows that I have always, and still do, adore. This is the type of game that fits my life and what I like to enjoy. Thanks for telling us all about it.

  2. i always heard the lego games were so good, but they look so stupid ive never played em. Maybe i should give it a try 😀

  3. yeah I also heard that the lego games where some of the best games out there .. but your probably right that lego is juicing its past success with the new harry potter lego games coming out.

  4. The Lego series has always made me grin with its some what “cheeky” humour it brings. I’m disappointed to hear that Traveller’s tales still haven’t improved on the AI.

  5. yeah for some reason every lego game that I see produced looks the same :-).. kind of interesting to see but is it worth buying the game for retail price when the counterpart is available (the official movie game)

  6. haha! lol lego series. With that, I think this is cool. I love how they’re incorporating classic television series to the game. fantastic but a little wary.

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