Left 4 Dead 2 Tips & 1 Strategy

The award winning zombie shooter, Left 4 Dead, has finally come out with a sequel cleverly called; yes you guessed it, Left 4 Dead 2. This time the zombie virus has spread down to the south to Louisiana and instead of Bill, Zoey, Francis, and Samuel L. Jackson, you’ve got Ellis, Nick, Coach, and Halle Berry have to deal with the virus infestation. Now with the addition of new types of common infected and special infected and 2 new modes (Scavenge and Realism), Valve surely made Left 4 Dead 2 a difficult and an adrenaline pumping experience. Now we now that you surely know how to easily take down boomer or a hunter without even looking at it but with the inclusion of new enemies, you might have to rethink your strategy. But don’t worry, Gamer Syndrome has your back and will help you out with these tips on how to survive at most one Tank attack.


Tip #1: Oblivion Rules Apply

Melee weapons are now a new inclusion to the series by having a fire axe, a chainsaw (Valve knows how much you love a chainsaw), a crowbar (aka Gordon Freeman’s Teddy Bear), and many more. We found out that melee weapons are either as good or better than the guns that are in the game, so if you have something like an axe or a katana and you ran out of ammo for your machine gun you should be in good shape. The beginning of the first campaign called “Dead Center”; you will start off with only the choice of either having only a melee weapon or a pistol as your main weapon for the first part for the first level for the first campaign then as soon as you get of the elevator to where you’re on the level of the hotel where it’s on fire where you can pick up a silenced SMG as soon as you get out of the elevator. Now we recommend when you come to that decision on that level is that you have 2 people with duel pistols and 2 people with an axe or a crowbar and you should be able to dominate the zombie horde. We also found one of the easiest ways to take down a witch without having any hassle at all. If one of your team mates or you have a chainsaw, whip it out and start doing Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the witch and don’t stop till the little message on the left side of the screen says “so and so killed the witch” that is where you and your friends start thrusting forward or whatever rude gesture you ever want to do…. DO IT! Gamer Syndrome encourages you to start celebrating and start doing rude gestures as soon as you kill something or someone that is a b&!@ to kill. (Achievement Unlocked: Successfully does something that Gamer Syndrome want you to do!).


Tip #2: Throw the Women and Children off the Boat

Scavenge is a mode that needs you and your teammates to get x number of gas canisters and fill up the target and whoever puts in the most gas canisters into the target wins. Well in my mind, I like the Dead Center map on Scavenge so we’re going to use that as an example because this is the most popular map that is on Scavenge on the Xbox version. On all levels, there is usually 4 to 6 gas canisters on the higher places such as on rooftops or in this case the 3rd floor of the mall. Just keep this in your mind, no child left behind; never leave a person by themselves. NO EXCEPTIONS go to group therapy class if you just can’t get along. As soon as you start the match, as fast as you can,(hopefully you’re not dumb and you have your main weapon chosen) have 2 guys go to the highest point of the level and collect the gas canisters while the other 2 guys stay at the lowest level and collect some gas canister that are on that level. In this case, we had 2 guys go to the 3rd floor of while the remaining 2 guys stayed downstairs where the car was and started collecting the gas canisters that were on the bottom floor. Quick tip, always have one guy get the gas canister and have the other guy cover him, you never know if you could be ambushed by a boomer and a spitter combo that could really screw you over and it would be helpful to have to know that someone’s got your back every step of the way back to the fill up target.  For the guys that are up top, as soon as your first gas canister pile, pick up one of the gas canisters and throw it down to the floor that has the fill up target on it. Try to throw it as near as possible to the target so it would be a synch for the guys that are down below to fill up the target and get back to collecting the gas canisters on the lower floors. You don’t really need an example for that statement I just said, and it doesn’t matter because I’m writing this thing and all you can do is read. Once the guys downstairs are done, then all you can do is just play thumb wrestling till the guys upstairs get done for the rest of the floors. Really the only thing that the downstairs guys should be worried about is spitters, they can spit at the gas canisters and make fire come out of them which results in bye bye canisters. So the guys downstairs have to move to the drop zones quick before the spitters beat you to it.

Hopefully you paid attention to these tips other than just looking at porn off of your IPhone. There’s a very disturbing true story to go along with that involves the office (not the show) and meetings….. but we can’t get into that.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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