New League of Legends Champion and Store

Today, Riot Games announced the introduction of a new champion for their popular game League of Legends. They also released the new in-game store that allows players to buy new runes, skins, champions, and more.

About League of Legends

For those that don’t know, League of Legends combines elements of role-playing and strategy genres with addictive battle action that brings accessible, replayable and competitive gameplay into a whimsical universe that deepens with the player’s commitment.

A player in League of Legends takes on the role of a Summoner – a gifted spell caster who has the power to bring forth a champion to fight as his or her avatar in Valoran’s Fields of Justice. As the Summoner controls the champion in combat, it also influences the outcome of the match through the use of spells, masteries and runes. Once a match is over, the Summoner gains Influence Points and Riot Points that can be used to assist their champions in future battles. Influence Points will be earned by simply playing the game, while Riot Points will be available for purchase with real money.

About the New In-Game Store

The new in-game store carries the following:

  • Runes – Players will be able to purchase runes with Influence Points. Runes give you stat bonuses.
  • Champions – Instead of having all the Champions unlocked, players start with 10 Champions unlocked, with options to unlock more using Influence Points or Riot Points
  • Skins – Players can unlock different appearances for Champions using Riot Points
  • Boosts – Players can unlock a limited time boost to your Influence Points or XP using Riot Points

The new store gives players both an incentive and a reward to play the game, in addition to the rewarding gameplay.

About the New Champion

The new hero for League of Legends will be released on 11/30/09. His name is Udyr, and the staff of League of Legends has described him as “Udyr is a ground breaking new champion in League of Legends. Instead of usual compliment of three standard abilities, one passive, and an ultimate, Udyr will employ a passive ability and four stances. All stances will be available at level 1 and will provide Udyr with a different passive bonus while toggled on. In addition, each time Udyr changes stances, he will receive an immediate bonus.”

For players, this means that he will play vastly different from the current champions of the game, which should allow players to develop new strategies.

Refer-A-Friend Feature

Additionally, League of Legends has also announced their new refer a friend feature. The feature will allow players to refer their friend, and when their friends reach level 10, they will gain coupons for the in-game store.

Some of the rewards are:

  • 50 – A unique “Recruiter” champion skin
  • 350 – Ultra-Rare champion skin  – champion will be selected by first player that reaches this reward tier
  • 500 – Adding name to “Wall of Fame” in Riot Office
  • 10,000 – Develop your own Champion with the Riot Design Team

An announcement will be posted on the official League of Legends site when the program is released.

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