Labyrinthica: The Quest Of Lima Released (And On Sale!)

Labyrinthica: The Quest Of Lima Released (And On Sale!)

Today, Pompi Pompi Entertainment announced the release of their first game, Labyrinthica: The Quest of Lima.  Additionally, the game is currently on sale for the price of $12.00 instead of $20.o0.

Labyrinthica is a 3D cel shaded game and the  game offers over of 20 levels, 16 random mazes, and 4 boss battles. The game mechanics consist of walking with the keyboard and aiming with the mouse. What differs Labyrinthica from other similar games is that there is no dominant projectile weapon available. The game is designed around this mechanic of face to face melee combat.

The game also sports what Pompi calls a “Random Potions System”, which they describe as:

Some potions are harmful, some are beneficial and some depend on how you use them. It is up to you to decide which potion to throw on an enemy and which to drink. Not only that, but every potion type has a color which is randomly selected every new game. That means you won’t know what the potion do before you observe it’s effect, either on yourself or on an enemy.

A demo for the game, and the full version, can be found here.

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