Killzone 2 multiplayer Strategy: Medic

Combining more intensity than anyone could hope for in an FPS with three releases of DLC in less than six months of being on the market has resulted in a unique multiplayer experience provided by Killzone 2, which has been unmatched by any other Playstation 3 title and thus it still remains a popular choice among fans of the genre.

Up to seven badges, or classes, can be unlocked.  Each badge contains a primary ability that when mastered and used correctly, can swing the momentum of a battle.  Ribbons and medals can be earned to unlock secondary abilities for each badge, and players can even customize their badges by pairing them with different secondary abilities.  Still today many players are unfamiliar with how to use most load outs in a way that will be most beneficial to their team.  Every few days I will dissect each badge by discussing strategies, as well as the badge’s advantages and disadvantages.

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Rank unlocked: Master Sergeant (350 experience points needed)
Primary ability: Revive
Secondary ability: Health Pack
Medal to unlock ability: Trauma Surgeon
Medal to combine ability: Field Medic
Weapons: M82 Assault Rifle, STA52 Assault Rifle

The Medic badge is the first true introduction to the Killzone 2 multiplayer badge system.  Medics are capable of reviving downed teammates and restoring the health of wounded teammates by tossing them health packs.  They may only carry assault rifles, but there hasn’t been much time allowed to get used to other weapons leading up to this point.

As a Medic it is important to avoid the front lines of battle.  Trail slightly behind your teammates, but close enough to where you could provide support if needed.  If a rocket comes in and takes out your squad you will hopefully be alive to revive someone, and your squad can continue towards the objective.  Also, for these reasons, Medics can make great squad leaders.  If a rocket does take out the rest of your squad, you’ll only be able to revive one person (chances are you don’t have time to wait for the ability to recharge).  However, if other members can re-spawn on the Medic right away, then your team won’t lose too much momentum.  Although it sounds simple, a good Medic should maintain excellent awareness and judgment at all times.  If someone is down in an area under heavy fire and it doesn’t appear they would be able to safely find cover then don’t revive them.  Doing so will only add another death to their stats and be a waste of your revive ability.

Body Count: Follow the exact strategies that we’ve already discussed and move as your teammates move.

Search and Destroy: If attacking, move with your squad to the objective as described.  Once reached, take cover near the objective being sure to provide cover fire and health packs.  If you can manage to find a chance to revive your teammates then do so, but tossing health packs around will usually be your only option.  If you’re on the defense then preemptively place some health packs near your objective for your teammates to pick up.  Find a good cover area overlooking the objective and pick off enemies as needed.

Capture and Hold:  Approach similar to how you would during Search an Destroy.  Either protect an objective for your team or help a squad attack an objective, but use the same tactics.

Search and Retrieve:  Keep up with your team using the same strategies of moving with a squad that we’ve already discussed.

Assassination:   Medics can have a huge impact when playing Assassination.  As the defending team, one or two Medics should position themselves near the target.  Focus your concentration on flanking enemies and restoring the target’s health as needed.  Tossing out preemptive health packs would again be a good idea (it usually is).  If the target goes down, revive them immediately.

Medic/Repair:  The only scenarios imaginable where this load out would be useful are for defending in Search and Destroy or Assassination.  Hang around the target or objective repairing turrets and be ready to revive your teammates in the area.

Medic/Air support:  Air support can be useful whether on the attack or defense.  If your squad is experiencing resistance in the way of an objective, toss up a sentry bot to take some of the pressure off.  Without having the ability to heal, it’s best that you keep your teammate’s damage taken to a minimum.  Air support is also useful if you find yourself without the help of your teammates.

Medic/Boost:  There are other badges that are better complimented by the boost ability and that are more fit to chase objectives on their own, but if you insist on doing so while still being able to revive teammates then you would use boost.  If you’re more of the run-and-gun type, and you like playing as a medic then perhaps this load out will work for you.

Medic/C4 Explosives:  Good alternative for defending in Search and Destroy or Assassination.  Place C4 around the objectives, or en route to the target.  Find some cover in the area in case a revival is needed, and blow it up if the pressure gets too intense.

Medic/Spot and Mark:  There’s really only one way to use the Spot and Mark ability.  Make sure your teammates always know where the enemies are and revive them as necessary.

The Medic badge can indirectly provide an advantage over any other badge as it gives new life to stronger badges amongst the team, and thus gives them further opportunity to eliminate their enemies.

Assault:  The explosive firepower of the Assault badge can easily disrupt the teamwork approach of the Medic badge.  It can be very difficult to revive teammates with explosives being fired at you.  Additionally, the assault rifles aren’t very effective against armor, so don’t expect to get many kills against an Assault badge.

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  1. I have always thought that Medics where key in any shooter game that had them. This proves true even for games like Diablo, Starcraft and many others.

  2. They are. One Penny Arcade that I read, one of the guys was showing a picture of a huge heavily-armed soldier and a medic, and was pointing at the medic saying “This guy, shoot HIM, this fucker right here, shoot HIM!”

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