Katamari Rolling to PS3s Everywhere

Katamari Rolling to PS3s Everywhere

By now most people have become quite familiar with the Katamari Damacy series.  The popular ball-rolling, clutter-collecting franchise that was first introduced in Japan in 2004 has seen many different installments on a number of different consoles.  The series first got its start on the PlayStation 2 in Japan and was soon imported into the United States.  Reviewers and fans were curious about the concept and ate every bit of it up.  Katamari Damacy was an addictive romp in the puzzle genre that had people spending countless hours rolling a ball into objects, amassing larger and larger amounts of items and trying to make their ball of clutter, or Katamari, as big as possible.

A sequel was released a year later and, much like its predecessor, received favorable reviews.  It wasn’t long before the popular franchise saw installments on the PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, and iPhone.  Just a few months ago, a Tetris-inspired falling block puzzle version of Katamari was released for Nintendo’s DSi in Japan.  More recently, the folks over at Namco Bandai have announced the latest in the popular puzzle franchise, Katamari Forever.  To clear up any skepticism that the word forever sometimes heralds, the developers have stated that the game will touch North American soil this September.

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The official site for Katamari Forever notes that the game will feature more textures and detailed effects than previous entries in the series.  SIXAXIS support has also been confirmed, and a new move called the Prince Hop has been incorporated into the game.  Simply flick the SIXAXIS controller, and your character will perform a jumping move.  Another new feature is the ability to suck nearby objects into your Katamari.  Players will be able to take control of the Prince like in previous games or use one of his 50+ cousins.

The game is set for a September 22 release.  With the success of past games, and with different entries already on most other consoles, it was only a matter of time before Namco Bandai brought the series over to Sony’s current-generation console.  Let’s hope all the tweaks and added mechanics are welcome additions to the series.  PS3 owners can expect all the ball-rolling, puzzle gameplay this September.

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