Karos Online – First impressions

It’s a popular strategy for a developer to copy a working formula from a top level MMORPG, into a free to play one. For Karos Online and it’s developers, this game was Lineage 2. This has happened many times before(Kal Online, Legend of Ares) and we can’t complain about the game in this paragraph. Unfortunately, there are clones on the free to play market that offer much higher quality than Karos..

These are my first impressions after spending a few hours in the closed beta of the game. Karos online is a standard Korean grindfest. Nothing more, nothing less.  The first step in any given MMO is to create your avatar. This is the first strike for Karos. The choices given to you when shaping your character are of ridiculously low amounts. The closed beta only offered 3 playable classes – a human blader, a shadow rogue and a seroine(elf) bowmistress. The other two classes were locked. Once you make the choice of what class you’ll play. Now is the time to shape the appearance of your hero. This is where hardcore MMORPG players will feel the lack of options. You can change your face and hair. That’s all. Once you have finished your character you will take your first few steps into the world of the game. If you are one of the players who are used to WASD control over mouse, you will feel discriminated. The WASD styled control is incredibly clumsy, slow and it’s strongly recommended that you use the mouse. The engine of the game was obviously horrible – poor optimization(and tons of loading screens), glitches, bad clipping..

Yes the game does look good but it comes at a high price. The animation effects were at a decent level. The controls as i sad are bad. But there are a few designer ideas that make them even worse. You have to stop moving in order to draw your weapon, for example. The AI – horrible. Not that i’ve expected something from an MMO..

So much for the bad side of the game. The biggest plus of Karos is that it’s a fully standard MMO, even with all it’s flaws. Instances play a large part of the gameplay right from the start. Once you get to level 10 you will be able to pay a certain NPC a certain amount of money and jump right into one of the dungeons. Once there you will have to survive the trials. Grinding takes about 80% of the gameplay. You can farm by mining, killing creatures and doing quests. Sadly, the quests are nothing special. At least their number is low. Most of the time you will watch your character hack and slash through hordes of monsters, looting them and.. that’s pretty much it. As a Lineage 2 clone PvP plays a role in Karos. Once you reach level 10 you can turn on the PK mode. While in PK mode you can kill other players freely. But don’t get killed, you have a large chance of loosing your equipment or items. The chance depends on the amount of PK(moral) points you have. The developers are proud of the number of “unique” features they implemented into their game. The first one is the fletta system. While fighting monsters you will receive fletta points. Then you have a choice whether to spend them to enhance the character’s attributes, save them, to receive a Blessing that boosts experience rate or use them to execute powerful high-level skills. The other side of the fletta system are the fletta weapons and armors. By collecting fletta gems and bringing them to the appropriate NPC, you can create special fletta weapons and armors. The second system is the mining system, like the one in RF. By mining you can collect materials and fletta gems. Mines are the base for guilds as well. Guilds can take control over mines(by fighting) and get all the bonuses. There is also a fishing system. By fishing you will receive items as well as clams. Those clams can be used at the fishmonger. You can either exchange them or gamble them. The final feature of the game is the holy creature system. These are mounts that you summon through items(armor).

Karos Online has what to offer it’s players. If you can swallow the many flaws the game has and your ok with grinding, Karos can be your dream MMORPG. But if you are used to top level MMORPG you can just ignore this game and wait for something revolutionary to come out. Everything i’ve said about Karos is based on my experiences with the closed beta and are nothing more than first impressions. I will write a more detailed review as soon as possible.

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