Rising Star Games Visits The Paranormal

The Halloween season for video games kicks off with an adaptation of the movie, Ju-On: the Grudge.

In the film, the lives of various people are forever changed. A curse uttered by a murdered housewife in a home in Nerima begins the saga. Those who enter that home become the next victim and the tale only spreads from there, with the concept of the vengeful ghost being the prominent theme.

And Rising Star Games is taking advantage of the ghostly season by promoting all things spooky in order to improve this game’s chances of high sales.

Ju-On: The Grudge, the video game will not only capitalize on the social gaming trend but also be released on October 30.

“The social nature and easy gameplay mechanics, plus the targeted market, means that Ju-On has the potential to perform well,” says Yen Hau, product marketing assistant.

But this game also marks Rising Star’s milestone; it is their 50th video game this company has released since its inception in 2005.

A dedicated fanbase has grown over the last four years. This company has specialized to bringing Japanese titles to both North America and Europe. With best selling games in the past, like Hello Kitty and Harvest Moon, their success is also measured by the critically acclaimed Wii titles like No More Heroes and Little King’s Story.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. Oops, not a game for me. I’ve never even heard of the movie, but it sounds like a horror flick, and I’ve seen few of those in my life. They aren’t my style and they definitely do nothing to entertain me.

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