Intel “cheating” on 3DMark

Intel “cheating” on 3DMark

Lately, more and more chip developers have been popular for optimizing their products for specific applications(mostly games and popular 3d modeling software). Intel, obviously, have decided to take this to a new level – optimizing their products for the 3d benchmarking software – 3dMark. Recently, AMD have notified Futuremark(developer of 3DMark) that Intel’s Graphics Media Accelerator drivers for Windows 7 incorporate performance optimizations that specifically target the benchmark.

Techreport decided to put this to the test. They tested running the test first and then cheating the system by renaming the executable, so the system thinks it’s running two different things. The results were shocking – 37% percent increase in the overall test results when the system knows, it’s running Vintage. So, if you are running on windows 7 and have updated to the latest version of the Graphics Media Accelerator, screw 3DMark.

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