iBailOut!! Available on Iphone and Ipod Touch

Marroni Electronic Entertainment has announced the release of their newest Iphone and Ipod Touch game, iBailOut!! The game can be purchased here.

iBailout!! is an action-arcade game where players assume the role of the Federal Reserve. The game includes classic, yet innovative, gameplay that satisfies the both expert and newbie gamers.

Marroni has described the game as:

Lost your job? The house? Still got your iPhone? Then iBailout!! is the solution! With revitalized, classic action arcade gameplay, you’re The Fed, eating everything in sight, from stacks of cash, to sports cars and HDTVs, all the way up to and including angry mobs of citizens… at least, until the people turn into bloodthirsty Fed-hunting mobs and chase you down with torches, pitchforks, and baseball bats and you cowardly declare martial law.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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