I Dig It Review

Platform– iPhone
Developer– InMotion Software LLC
Release date– June 29, 2009
Price– $0.99
Average rating– 4/5

I Dig It for the iPhone is a resource management game similar to Dig Dug. It features impressive graphics, addictive gameplay, and simple controls. Bringing elements of strategy and classic arcade gameplay together with an interesting plot make this game stand out from the rest, justifying its number one position in the App Store. I Dig It is one game that’s more than worth its low price tag.

As farmer Lewis, you find yourself in some serious financial trouble. Down on your luck and in debt, you turn to your old tractor, remade into a high tech digging machine to raise your funds from the ground up…literally. The bank is coming in four hours to collect $100,000, and the only way a poor farmer can come up with that kind of money is to dig, dig, dig. With more than 60 unique diggings to discover, and an entire farm to travel under, there is no shortage of digging opportunities.

Gameplay in I Dig It is very simple, just move the machine around using the virtual joystick, digging deeper and deeper, collecting minerals along the way. When the cargo bay is full you use the rocket boosters to fly up and out, landing at your house to sell your find. Above ground you can also repair, refuel, and upgrade. Nothing is free however, and money is precious, so choose wisely on how to spend it.

The upgrade system in this game is crucial. For each aspect of your digging machine; hull, coolant, drill, radar, fuel tank, and cargo, there are improvements that can be purchased. For example, a stronger drill will let you dig deeper, while a larger cargo capacity will allow to carry more goods. Dynamite can also be had, as well as an auxiliary fuel tank. When you do take damage from running into walls, you can repair your machine on the surface, for a price.

All things considered, I Dig It is a great game. Excellent graphics and simple controls make it an instant hit, although not as heard of as some other titles. My only complaint is the death system, making you start over if you are trapped underground. Other than that, there’s no reason not to try this game, or the lite version, which is free. I highly recommend checking it out today.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. I love the sound of this game. I like the farm setting versus all the more glitzy FX type of games. I guess the rural tone touches me somehow. The upgrades sound fun and easy to understand. This is one game I’d like to check out when I can.

  2. I think I remember playing a slightly older version of this game on one of those “free online game” websites…

    Still, it’s nice to see that the iPhone is starting to reel in more games.

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