Here Are (Most of) Final Fantasy XIII’s Trophies

Details on Final Fantasy XIII, one of next year’s biggest and most anticipated titles, are really beginning to pour out as we inch even closer to the game’s March 9th release date.  If screen shots and the unveiling of the game’s box art just aren’t enough to satiate your appetite than here’s something else for you to muse over: the game’s trophy list.

Assault Ruby – Master the Attacker Role
Destruction Sapphire – Master the Blaster Role
Guardian Topaz – Master the Defender Role
Hex Jade – Master the Jammer Role
Inspiration Amethyst – Master the Enhancer Role
Healing Emerald – Master the Healer Role
Silver Limit Breaker – Deal over 100,000 damage to an enemy
Behemoth Hunter – Slay a wandering behemoth
Perfect Diamond – Learn all abilities to the fullest
Gold Collector of All Things – Collect all weapons and accessories
The All Knowing Sage – Gain the complete knowledge of 100 different enemies

It’s also important to note that these aren’t all of the trophies as there are sixteen bronze trophies not in this list related to the story.  I’m sure there are gamers out there with the unique ability to sift through the above trophies and compile together all the game’s secrets, but for the rest of us it’s all just good to know.  All I know is that I can’t wait to slay me a Behemoth.

Final Fantasy XIII releases for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on March 9th, 2010 (and tomorrow in Japan!)

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