Halo Legends Episode Previews Start Today!

If you have Xbox Live, and love Halo, then you are in luck.  Starting today Microsoft, and other anime production companies working with them, will be releasing previews for episodes of Halo Legends on Xbox Live and Halo Waypoint, and they will continue this trend for the next six weeks.  Months ago we posted news about Halo Legends, and for those of you who don’t know Microsoft has gotten together with some anime production companies and they have been development of some short anime films based off of the story of Halo.

Frank O’Connor, the Director of Halo franchise development makes the assumption, and is probably correct in doing so, that many Halo fans don’t fully understand the narrative behind the Halo fiction.  Halo Legends is an attempt to fix that issue and hopefully give fans something to really sink their teeth into.

The story centers around Master Chief and four other Spartans as they embark on a mission to retrieve valuable intelligence from a large covenant fleet.

Xbox Live will be giving us a glimpse into each episode for the next 6 weeks and the schedule is as follows:

Episode                                           Airing Date (24 hour)
“The Package” Part 1                         Dec. 5, 2009
“The Package” Part 2                         Dec. 12, 2009
Making of “The Package”                 Dec. 19, 2009
“Origins” Part 1                                   Jan. 2, 2010
Making of “Origins”                           Jan. 9, 2010
Trailers of upcoming episodes       Feb. 2, 2010

So grab yourself a bag of popcorn (a small bag) and sit back and enjoy the show.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. I too wasn’t really liking the Halo Legends after watching the trailers, but I think I’ll watch them as I do like the animation and the story looks interesting now..

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