Halo: Evolutions Now Available

The Halo series is known for its polished gameplay, innovative arsenal of weapons, and compelling story.  Wait, scratch that last one, because the story is usually one of the elements critics tend not to love, and I wholeheartedly agree.  The first two didn’t have much of a story and Halo 3 tried (and failed) to tie up all the loose ends leaving us with a convoluted mess best left ignored.  September’s ODST succeeded where its predecessors failed by giving players a more engaging (albeit shorter) story that kept you wanting more.  But if that wasn’t enough to satiate your appetite for all things Halo, Evolutions promises to deliver more UNSC on Covenant action in the form of a collection of stories told from multiple perspectives.

Having read and thoroughly enjoyed several of the previous Halo novels I’m definitely looking forward to Evolutions, especially since Eric Nylund, author of the first three Halo books, has returned alongside other writers to provide some stories for the compilation.   I highly recommend this to any Halo fan, but even if you’re not terribly fond of the Haloverse it’s a good read for anyone who likes good sci-fi action.  If you’re interested, head on over to your local bookstore (or library, but who uses those anymore?) and check it out.

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