Guitar Hero: Van Halen Free With Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero: Van Halen Free With Guitar Hero 5

Has the pressure to perform against The Beatles: Rock Band gotten to Activision? Do they lack retail confidence in Guitar Hero: Van Halen? Perhaps they simply want to give gamers a back to school gift? Just what am I talking about? When Guitar Hero 5 lauches next month, be sure to snag one of the specially marked boxes – it will net you a free copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen.


Sounds great, but are you wondering what the catch is? Activision’s promotional page has the fine print, and… it looks like you’re getting a $60 game for nothing, granted you live in the U.S.A., pick up the specially marked Guitar Hero 5 game, and have six weeks to spare. Be sure to check out our preview of Van Halen to see exactly what you’ll be getting for free.

The most startling aspect of this deal is that Guitar Hero: Van Halen won’t be released to retail until December 22, 2009. Buying Guitar Hero 5 will actually get you Van Halen before anyone else, even if you submit your application on it’s deadline – Halloween ’09.

Draw your own conclusions on why this is happening, but as long as it’s a free game, who can really complain? Guitar Hero 5 will be out on September 1, 2009.

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