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Not too long ago, Rockstar Games announced that they would be releasing Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, originally a Nintendo DS exclusive, for Sony’s PlayStation Portable.  The title garnered favorable reviews, averaging 93.14% on GameRankings, the highest rating ever for a Nintendo DS game.  Despite being popular amongst reviewers, the title didn’t fare too well in sales.  This came as a surprise to many, considering the large user base of Nintendo’s handheld.

Recently announced on Rockstar’s Twitter feed were some details on the release of the game for the PSP.  Rockstar posted the release date, October 20, 2009 (October 23 for European gamers), and they posted a second Tweet mentioning that the title would be released as both a retail UMD and a download through the PlayStation Network.  While no other information regarding the game has been released, Rockstar has also stated on Twitter that fans can expect to see screenshots and other information on the game soon.

No information regarding the game’s graphics has been made public.  It is unknown whether Rockstar will revamp the DS game’s graphics, which weren’t all that advanced but worked well on that platform, and omit the isometric camera angle that was a bit of a throwback to the first few GTA games.  Also, no details have been released about the gameplay refinements that will have to be made regarding the original game’s touch screen controls.

It is apparent that Rockstar plans on breathing new life into their latest Grand Theft Auto title which, sadly, fared poorly on the DS despite being considered one of the best DS games ever by reviewers.  What exactly can gamers expect from Chinatown Wars’ jump from the DS to the PSP?  What refinements will Rockstar make to the game’s graphics and controls?  Will the game play more like their GTA Stories titles?  We’ll find out in October.

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  1. The reason the game got such high praise was because it was basically GTA on the DS, plain and simple. Despite the isometric view and not-so-impressive graphics, the game played exceptionally well like the most recent GTA games. It had some good lasting value, the missions were a lot of fun, and it introduced the option to go back and replay any missions you wanted. When I got the game, I spent pretty much everyday playing it until I passed it. It was that engrossing.

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