Gran Turismo 5 gets release date

During Sony’s press conference at this year’s TGS, they announced that the next entry in their premier racing simulation series would release in March 2010.

This entry featuresĀ a whopping 900+ cars and 70 tracks. Also included in GT5 is a YouTube integration feature that allows you to upload your proudest moments to the site, and of course a full online offering. Open lobbies, text and voice chat options and more.

March can’t come soon enough.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing GT5, from what I’ve read it looks set to be a pretty amazing game. I’m pretty wowed by the 900 cars, I can see it being a game that takes a long time to complete, or to have driven all of. Love the youtube upload feature, curious if it records anything for when you accidentally do awesome stuff?

  2. Man i remember playing gran Turismo for the PS1 back in the day, no racing game since has even interested me in the slightest. Maybe this will be the one!

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