Golden Sun DS Annouced at E3

During E3 2009, Nintendo announced that Golden Sun DS is currently being developed. The game will be released for the Nintendo DS.

Very few details are known about specifics of the game, yet. From the trailer (see below), players can see that the graphics have been made into 3D, which is a nice change. Additionally, it can be seen that some of the Mana summons from the old games are still present. For instance, we see the Atalanta summon (the girl shooting the arrows from the sky.) The dragon that we’re shown is also probably a summon from the older games, most likely Eclipse.

The story of the game takes place in the world of Weyard, and from the promotional poster of the game, it believed that the protagonists are descendants from the characters in the original games.



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  1. I agree. Though, it sucked how in Golden Sun, once you finished the first game you’d couldn’t do anything after beating the boss, because you were stuck going to the ship.

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