God Of War Collection Coming to PS3

So, Sony has completed negated any possibility of PS2 backwards compatibility in future versions of the PlayStation 3. This would cut off gamers from experiencing two of the greatest games released in the last generation – God Of War and God of War II right? This isn’t the case anymore.  Sure, you could go buy a PS2 and the games, but thanks to a survey conducted earlier this year, you could just wait for the God Of War Collection, coming this Holiday season to your PlayStation 3.


This is not just a repackaged Blu-ray bundle of the PS2 games. Both games have been remastered to display in 720p resolution with anti-aliasing graphics and be locked at 60 frames per second. Sony has also confirmed trophy support for both games.

The best part of this collection? Rather than charge consumers the full $59.99, Sony has elected to have a MSRP of $39.99, sure to be appreciated when the Holiday game blitz is in full effect.

While a God Of War III demo would have made this an instant pick-up for anyone with a PS3, one can’t help but shake the feeling Sony is testing a PS2 re-release market. The God of War games are surely worth the price, but when you start out with the best, you have nowhere else to go but down.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. See, this is how you release a port. Pick a killer title people will miss out on, keep it at a low price, and sharpen it up.

    Frozen at 60hz? I honestly never saw any slowdown at all when I played God of War or God of War 2, even in places like the run before Clotho or against the Colossus.

    I can’t really imagine the trophies being much outside of “Complete the Game on Titan”, but anyone that pulls that off deserves a pat on the back.

    Any reason they’re not adding Chains of Olympus to the collection?

  2. This is great news, thanks for the article. I have an original 80GB model PS3 that has backwards compatibility and I was planning on buying PS2 copies of GoW 1&2 before the third comes out next spring. Now I think I’ll just get this. I’d much rather be able to play a remastered copy, and the trophies are especially enticing.

  3. This is so awesome. I’ll DEF buy this as soon as it’s out. I can’t see how the two games will be trophy supported though, they’d be the first PS2 games on a blu-ray disc with trophy support. I hope it all works out nonetheless.

  4. Chains of Olympus would take to much work to make it look good on a HD TV, I’ve never played GoW 1 or 2 so I’m looking forward to buying this bundle before GoW 3 comes out.

  5. True, the PSP has a much lower native resolution than the PS2 and PS3, they’d have to remake the graphics from the ground up.

    Still, I missed out on it since I didn’t buy a PSP, I went DS.

  6. I loved the first two games, and they stand as two of my favorites on the PS2. This collection is good for anyone who missed out on the first games. God of War is a series that almost everyone has to try in my opinion.

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