Glory of Heracles Coming to the DS (and US) in January

Not too many people know much (or anything) about Glory of Heracles, the long-running, multiplatform role-playing franchise.  Despite being around since 1987, the RPG series developed by Paon has yet to make its way out of Japan.  Since its debut, Glory of Heracles has seen installments on the Famicon, Super Famicon, Game Boy, and Virtual Console, but given the series’ exclusivity to Japan, nary a soul in other parts of the world has had a chance to experience the franchise.
That will change this coming January, though, because at the start of 2010, Glory of Heracles will see its international debut on the DS.  Nintendo included Glory of Heracles along with a lengthy list of playable demos at this year’s E3, but no release info was given at the time.
Glory of Heracles is based on Greek mythology (I mean, come on, just look at the name.), and features classic RPG gameplay.  The game’s titular hero has made several appearances throughout the series’ lifespan, though he takes on different roles most of the time.  (Sometimes he’s the main protagonist, and sometime’s he’s not.)
Glory of Heracles is slated for a North American release in addition to the Japanese launch.  Those of you looking for another RPG to jump into can look forward to the game’s January 18 release.

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  1. Before anyone says anything, Japan goes by the proper name for Hercules, which is Heracles. Just throwin’ that out there.

    I’ve honest-to-God not heard of this, but I’ll probably give it a bash, I’m stuck with 358/2 days which is quite amazing.

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